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With a long-awaited summer right around the corner, we reckon it’s about time we gave you a proper guide to sourcing the best frame for your boat race. It can be a shady experience when you’re weighing out function over form, so kick back while we do the hard bit for you. Our in-house experts have trained their lenses on eyewear this week, to make sure we’re bringing you solid answers for the entire season.

For A Square Face

With a strong structure, we recommend leaning towards a softer silhouette that can balance out the angles. Here at Number Six, we’re big fans of a bit of Scandinavian design. Monokel Eyewear combines real innovation with technical precision to create modern icons. The Ando is handcrafted with rounded edges, wider arms, and a metal bridge which helps to break up square features.

Avoid: super square silhouettes with sharp angles.

Shop Monokel Ando Sunglasses at Number Six

Shop Monokel Ando Sunglasses

For A Round Face

Frames that are wider than your face can help to elongate your temples and contrast the softer features of a round face. New to Number Six are Belgian eyewear experts, Komono. As part of their core collection, they’ve developed the Bennet frames which are sitting as our boldest frames with a wide, squared off bridge. The asymmetrical silhouette is designed to help create as much definition as possible and can lengthen a round face.

Avoid: round frames.

Shop Komono Bennet Sunglasses at Number Six

Shop Komono Bennet Sunglasses

For An Oval Face

If this is you, you’re in luck. Almost any frame will work out well for you, and that’s been given to us on good authority. For the ‘most wanted’ face shape, we’ve selected the world’s most classic frames. Get yourself a pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster Classics and we reckon you’ll be sorted for life. Clubmaster Classics take all the best bits and put it into one ultimate timeless design.

Avoid: low-hanging arms.

Shop Ray Ban Clubmaster at Number Six

Shop Ray Ban Clubmaster Classics

For A Heart Shaped Face

If you’ve got a narrower jaw, Number Six recommends rounder frames to create balance across the face. Back to our old favourites, the Monokel Barstow silhouette is our roundest frame with a striking colourway to match. Made using durable plant-based acetates and Karl Zeiss Vision lenses, these will sort you out for years to come.

Avoid: frames with too much detail at the top.

Shop Monokel Barstow Sunglasses at Number Six

Shop Monokel Barstow Sunglasses

For An Oblong Face

To instantly up your frame game with an oblong face, look for thicker frames to soften features. This is more common with vintage styles that focus on clean lines and bold lenses. For this, we can only recommend the legendary Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Classics. Worn by some of the all-time greats across history, they’re the most iconic sunglasses on our shelves. After all, if they’re good enough for JFK and Bob Dylan...

Avoid: small frames.

Shop Ray Ban Wayferers at Number Six

Shop Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Classics

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