Victorinox: Multi fuctional Outerwear

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Victorinox has been going since 1884. The brand is renowned for their multi-tools. The famous cross & shield logo is known worldwide as a symbol of reliability & functionality. The clothing is new at Number Six for this season, therefore we're giving you a bit of information about it. Victorinox has recruited Christopher Raeburn to help bring the Swiss Army Knife to life in fabric form. The collaboration between the technical clothing expert and a brand steeped in heritage created a Modular clothing system perfect for all weather. Victorinox Modular System

Victorinox Modular System:

The idea is that each piece of clothing can be added to or taken away. The aim is to provide one garment which can be worn all year round. Each Jacket comes with a waterproof shell and a liner. Each liner type fits into each jacket. Each item can be worn separately, as a result when it is too cold you can add a liner when it is too warm a gilet liner can be worn as a single piece of outerwear. You can start to see the likeness between the iconic Swiss Army Knife and the latest venture of Victorinox. Victorinox Vests

Sustainable Design:

Those familiar with Christopher Raeburn will know his passion for sustainable design. This is never more apparent than it is in his work for Victorinox. Raeburn's partnership with the brand started way back in 2011 with his Remade in Switzerland Collection. This is a collection in which Raeburn used upcycled Military fabrics and created a limited run of garments. The collection was made in the very studio that Karl Elsener (Victorinox Founder) started the brand. 50 of each garment were produced and paved the way for Raeburn's partnership with the brand. Five years later and Raeburn has pushed his designs further as Artistic Director. His latest collection sees the introduction of a Modular Jacket system. Each liner is made with recycled Polyester and filled with Eco Down. Not only are sustainable materials used but in the modular design we find a long term approach to clothing. Victorinox has created a Jacket for life, interchangeable layers mean you don't need five different jackets. When one layer is on its last legs you can simply add a new layer consequently you do not need to replace the entire jacket. Victorinox's latest collection is now available at Number Six furthermore, we have a selection of Liners and shells to help wet your appetite for Raeburn's Modular System.

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