Number Six warmly welcomes London streetwear brand, TooMuch, to the brand family. Since starting out with t-shirts in '06, TMP (Too Much Posse) has made a global impression, collaborating with creatives in the fields of art, skate, music and more. With an aesthetic closely linked to the East End of London, TMP is best known for classic sweats, printed tee's and hats. This AW14 season sees all of those rehashed in new ways. Of particular note are their bucket hats, plain and simple, these bad boys are flying out the door! And of extra note is their "Shooter Vest", made from 100% waxed cotton, the vest features a British Millerain Diamond Quilt finish, perfect for when the temp starts to drop. Take a look at the range here. TooMuch-Crew-Jumper-(Grey)-1


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