Dukes Cupboard x Number Six Re-Cap

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Last weekend saw us play host to the chaps from Dukes Cupboard. The vintage designer experts held a weekend Pop-up. They took a break from their normal Soho spot to bless Brick Lane with some gems. After the first days trading, we welcomed Dukes and co in with some drinks in store. We want to thank the strong turnout of friends and customers it was a pleasure to see so many friendly faces. Of course, we can't forget Hop House 13 & Captain Morgans for keeping the drinks flowing for the evening. With some great retro & vintage sportswear on...

January Staff Picks!

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We have pulled out some of our staff picks to show you folks just what we are into this season. Its all about that classic look for us at the moment. check out what we picked! First up is the woven calfs leather belt from Anderson's. Being a huge fan of all of there range it was hard to pick one to talk about. This one is an absolute classic; in appearance and construction. From Italy, Anderson's  have been going strong since 1966 being the top of their game by selecting the finest materials and being very selective on how there belts look....

Offt! Adidas Originals ZX 700 At Number Six

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Adidas really are colour-way masters! This is from the legendary 80's Adidas Originals ZX family, a classic through and through. What makes this trainer so special is the awesome colour palette. Adi have used a high contrasting set of colours on the ZX 700 and have added subtle dashes of colour making the sneaker athletically pleasing but not offensive. This iconic running shoe has suede overlays and a breathable fabric. Being a running shoe, It has a EVA mid sole to ensure the hight of comfort and a reinforced upper section. Personally, I feel this trainer is far to beautiful to...

Now the Jubilee hangover is over..

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It's been a strange old week and a bit, 4 day weekend (for you not me), half of London's roads and bridges closed, and the unified inebriation of a nation for that triumphant four day binge, all I can say is any excuse. And with all that done, you would now have thought that we will return back to the norm, but you would be wrong! for all you football lovers we've got Euro 2012, and covering all other sports, except darts, shame, is the Olympics. So we thought we'd put together a few little bits to keep you rocking...

Hartford, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Pointer & Free Worldwide Shipping

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Hello again! The clocks have gone forward, the longer evenings are upon us and life is good at the old ship! We may have lost an hours sleep last weekend but we're not complaining. To make things even better we've got new additions to some of your favourite brands in store. First in this week we've got some garments from the brand that combines archetypal vintage European looks with America's renowned relaxed style, Hartford. With a load of summer weight Jive jackets, Jules blazers and one piece that really caught our eye, and would, we are sure, catch almost anyones eye! If floral...

Adidas Hiking Boot X Number Six

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Adidas mixed a modern day hiking boot with a few bits of running shoe details and this is the result. It’s not all style though - the upper is made of durable suede and mesh materials to ensure you stay nice and toasty through those cold winter months. Check out the press we have had already and click HERE for a closer look. CULTURE SHOQ SOUTHSIDER THE SHOE BUFF

Number Six - Winter footwear and accessories

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You know when you are just getting along with things, having a nice time, minding your own business and then some clever clogs taps you on the shoulder and informs you "there is only 5 more shopping weekends until Xmas!!". Got ourselves ever so slightly in a panic but then had a look at what we had on the shelves in Number Six and we breathed a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that at least all our male nearest and dearest are going to be more then happy with the presents they receive. We have been inundated with...

Ralph Lauren Molokai Swim Shorts on Vice Style

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  Ralph Lauren Molokai swim shorts on Vice Style.