Walk with Style, Walk with Novesta.

Where did it all begin?

Novesta were born in the 1930s in a small, unassuming Slovakian town known as Partizánske. The man behind the creation was a famous shoe maker called Jan Antonin Bata. I wonder if he knew back then that his brand would one day become what it is now. And what is it now I hear you ask? Well, in our opinion it is one of the most stylish, sleek, versatile and comfortable shoe brands there is.

Novesta Styles

What are they all about?

The brand is dedicated to ethical and ecological manufacturing, doing everything they can to be as green as possible. Paying homage to the traditional crafting methods that Mr Bata himself would be familiar with is another main focus. This equates to all Novesta shoes having natural rubber soles and containing 100% Cotton and Linen. Using materials such as this is what enables them to produce ecological footwear of the highest quality. Novesta Beige

The Details.

Every pair of soles are machine pressed onto the main body of the shoe, then finished by hand to ensure a premium and consistent sneaker. Being made by hand is what creates the 'signature' finish of all Novesta footwear. That rugged and uninformed gluing around the sole not only looks cool and unique but is a daily reminder of the precise work that has gone into each and every pair. Another trademark of Novesta footwear is the somewhat over-sized lace eyelets, yet another feature that sets them apart from the competition. We hope you are as happy about Novesta arriving as we are! Novesta Black

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